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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Infogain’s Application Management Services

Infogain’s Application Management Services (AMS) increase the return on application investments and improve IT organization effectiveness freeing IT resources to focus on business priorities. Beginning with an assessment of your needs AMS delivers support throughout the application lifecycle including application , DBA support, application maintenance and systems monitoring. Infogain’s unique engagement-long proactive support model significantly reduces the number of problems reported by clients and produces sustained improvements in user experience.

Application Management Services include:

  •   Application Support includes functional integration, DBA and technical support services designed to meet your specific needs. Infogain’s global support team handles multi-channel requests and provides around-the-clock coverage. Application Support delivers a full range of metrics backed by well-defined Service Level Agreements. 
  •  Proactive Monitoring is the best way to fix a problem – by preventing it from occurring in the first place. This service monitors your applications and databases. Monitoring will also detect system errors and performance anomalies before they develop into serious problems.
  •  Application Maintenance ensures that applications are running on the most effective application software versions. This service manages bug fixes, minor enhancements and patch releases including periodic planned releases. Infogain oversees a joint change management request process with your team minimizing problems and inconvenience to your users. 
  •  Application Optimization improves application efficiency and removes gaps between application functionality and business processes. Infogain will enhance and tune your applications to optimize performance. Your business benefits from improved process automation and increased value.

Key deliverables of Infogain’s AMS assessment are three-fold:

  •  A set of recommendations for moving to a higher IT Infrastructure Library framework-based maturity model  
  • A roadmap to implement these recommendations  
  •  The cost model
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