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Monday, February 4, 2013

Infogain’s Oracle knowledge integration with Siebel CRM

Infogain’s Oracle knowledge integration with Siebel gives users opportunity to maximize their agents productivity. Siebel users have the advantage of unified case and knowledge management through seamless integration with Oracle Knowledge enabling them to tackle the problem at its source to ensure that the customers get accurate information quickly and every time. Infogain is uniquely qualified to help you integrate knowledge management into your contact center. Siebel users maximize agent efficiency and deliver unprecedented levels of customer service in their contact centers by integrating Oracle Knowledge. Infogain can help you implement Oracle Knowledge in your Siebel environment quickly and customize the solution to meet your objectives

 Key Benefits include:

  • Reduced research and response times
  • Increased resolution accuracy
  • Superior levels of customer service
  • Ability to manage peak call times more easily

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